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About me

Gender Female
Occupation Freelance writer, although I am not published and do not make any money for what I do (yet).
Location Spring Valley, California, United States
Introduction I am a writer, a woman, and I lover of laughter. I am me.
Interests Reading, writing, painting
Favorite Movies Harry potter (all of them), Finding Nemo, The Pink Panther, Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them), Meet the Fockers, Twilight, Signs, The Village, Over the Hedge (who doesn't like Hammy the squirrel?), Open Season two (hello, the cross eyed cat? So me except I'm not a boy), Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (does that make me sound old?), and more.
Favorite Music Evanescence, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Creed, Nickleback, Mozart, Beethoven, Three Doors Down, Michael Buble
Favorite Books The Artemis Fowl series, The Twilight saga, The Harry Potter series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Looking Glass Wars series, The House of Night series, The Gideon Trilogy, The Immortals series, Need, Shiver, A Dirty Job, Airman, The Wish List, Tithe, Ironside, Valiant, The Evil Genius series, City of Bones, City of Ashes, Shiver, Need, The Darkest Powers series, (I can go on and on and on...)

For your birthday, your aunt gave you a maple syrup dispenser shaped like a rooster. Please write her a thank-you note:

To my dearest Aunt, thank you so much for the wonderful gift! I have found that pouring syrup on my waffles has greatly changed for the better since I received it. And for some reason, every time I use the dispenser, I make this strange cockidoodledoo sound involuntarily...I don't know why, but it sure makes breakfast more interesting! Thanks again, from your favorite niece.