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Introduction 你好!我是懶人。懶人我姓李,木子李, 名,淑君,淑女的淑,君子的君。哈哈!告訴你一個秘密!懶人我是個混血兒。不要笑!我真的是個混血兒!我沒有別人大大的眼睛,但是我有一雙單單的單鳳眼。我沒有別人挺挺的鼻子,但是我有一個三代遺傳的扁鼻子。我長的很平凡,但是很自戀。我住在一棵樹上,一棵十一城樓高的樹上。懶人我喜歡發呆,倒掛在樹上發呆,倒著看世界。 Joyce is a young illustrator / designer who put great interest in anything related to art and design. As a Singapore-born Chinese who is strongly influenced by Western culture and media, Joyce is a creature of both worlds, and has an ardent love for folk art, mythological tales and street culture. She believes in rediscovering her heritage through the beauty of traditional Chinese art, and tries to visually express both her Chinese roots and Western influences in her creations, as well as other motifs from her home city, Singapore. Nonetheless, Joyce believes that she is still in a stage of experimentation and has yet to confine herself to a specific style. She does, however, like to blend traditional forms, such as watercolor, with digital technology. Some of her works were featured in Asia-Pacific Design Yearbook Ⅳ, Kult Magazine and Noise Singapore 2012/2011/2010 Festival Showcase Exhibition.