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Introduction ....WHO ARE YOU? I'm a writer from New York who's been a social worker, actor, dancer, teacher, and lately, a PhD student ....WHAT IS CRITICAL DEAF THEORY? Critical theory encourages us to reflect on and critique society, to look both inwards and outwards. I became interested early on in exploring one aspect of my identity, being Deaf. Thus, I tend to look at the world–both "theirs" and "ours" from a critical perspective. ....WHAT KINDS OF THINGS DO YOU WRITE? For me, writing is something I'm learning to do both in ASL and in English. In the past two years it's mostly been papers and dissertations, with bits of "juicy stuff" trapped within. I write nonfiction about Education and the Deaf Community from a historicist Deaf perspective. I also write fiction... and often it's about Deaf people.
Favorite Books Currently Reading: Thousands of dissertations and journal articles.