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Location Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Introduction I am the Education Coordinator at a large supplement company, responsible for assisting in new product research and development as well as a voting member of a prestigious Institutional Review Board . I am also an advocate of ancestral health. I am encouraged by the recent growth in popularity of the paleolithic lifestyle and its health benefits and also find myself concerned about the amount of misinformation and misunderstanding that exists. This blog seeks to examine the hype, the spin, and the facts from the unique perspective of someone professionally engaged in both the supplement industry and the research community. I am happy to investigate specific questions relating to health, supplementation, paleo lifestyle, chiropractic and general wellness. I am interested in helping to responsibly steward these concepts and assist them in becoming mainstream, as I believe strongly that they are essential elements of optimal health. I am married to a brilliant bio-chemist turned chiropractor. I hold a Master's of Science in Drug Regulatory Affairs and Health Policy. I eat Paleo, I Crossfit, I get my spine checked regularly and sleep quite a bit.