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Gender MALE
Location Adelaide, Australia
Introduction Andrew has been growing vegetables since he was four years old, turning up occasionally at the local primary school, where the nun-in-charge sternly told his weeping mother that “this boy will never be able to read!” Against all the odds he did learn to read, but was completely unable to convince the local Australian girls that he was Robin Hood - handsome, brave and dashing. In despair, he left for foreign climes and returned with a young German maiden who thought she was to be holidaying in Australia with a rich professional gentleman, instead of a burnt-out pig-farmer hiding out in the back-of-beyond. Acting sensibly, the young German maiden moved the soon-to-be ex-pig-farmer back to the city, where he proceeded to persist in trying to be self-employed, miring his young family in poverty, but at least in a home shared with the bank. Delegated to the backyard, the farmer forsook pigs for chooks and took to growing vegetables organically, as the miserable pocket money apportioned for these activities did not extend to expensive poisons such as herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and soluble nitrogen fertilisers. He persists in these activities to this very day.