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Introduction This blog is a guide to Shinto shrines throughout Japan. It is intended as a supplement to the book "Shinto Shrines: A Guide to the Sacred Sites of Japan's Ancient Religion" which I co-authored with John Dougill. The book is published by University of Hawaii Press. It is also intended as a place to continue to publish my research into shrines and their history and as a forum for those interested in Shinto in general and shrines in particular. In addition, the letter "C" in the upper right-hand corner means that the content has been confirmed with the shrine while a "UC" means as yet unconfirmed. While a "C" does not guarantee accuracy, these entries are more likely to be free of error. To view my design and illustration website, please click on Words and images on this blog (other than images belonging to individual shrines or other websites) can be used with permission of the author. Please make your request to Words and specified images, copyright Joseph Cali