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Introduction To whom it may concern... It has been brought to my attention that there are several websites out there for root beer reviews. Don't believe me? Just google "root beer reviews" and you'll see what i mean. My frustration with this is that one common theme you will find with these sites is that the people who create and update them are self appointed "root beer experts", with little other credentials than just saying they know what they're talking about. Well guess what... they don't, and coincidentally, i do. Therefore, i am creating the only root beer review site you will ever need to visit because my opinion is absolute and extremely biased, just as you would expect from someone who should tell you what root beer is good and what is worth skipping. Now i know that people are entitled to their opinions, but you should just know that i am also entitled to my own opinion, and my opinion is that your opinion is clearly wrong. So you should just listen to me. Don't argue. Don't fight it. In fact, if you have any complaints, i suggest you send them to my e-mail address: idon' Enjoy the reviews! And if you don't, don't come back to my blog.