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Occupation Mom of Seven
Introduction I am the reluctant mom of Seven. Don't get me wrong, I am honored. But it's not what I originally had in mind. For years, decades even, I didn't think I wanted any children at all. Eventually I came to the conclusion One would be perfect. When one didn't come the traditional way, I agreed to adopt Two. And a year later was surprised by Three. Four years later I became a single mom. It didn't last long. In the coolest of all love stories, 26 years after going our separate ways, I ran into my first love. And his Four daughters. And Six months ago the Nine of us became a family. Taking care of that many people has me re-evaluating some things. A reluctant coupon clipper in the past – I admit that while I would clip them, I rarely managed to remember to take them to the store – I am now on a mission to find ways to make sure we have everything we need, but to do it for less. I'm starting right here, right now. So please come with me and we'll make a difference to our families together.