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Occupation Health Care
Location Not anywhere you could find :), Alabama, United States
Introduction I live on a family farm with my husband, H Davis, My sister and her twin boys, my mother and father, and my MawMaw (read: grandmother). Love living on the farm and all the freedom that implies. From fresh tomatoes and okra to onions and october beans, fresh veggies are always better! And I always have lots of people to try my wares :)
Interests I love listening to music and have discovered a startling love for baking... giving way to less and less hatred of washing dishes. Still hate to sweep, mop and vaccuum, though (That is my husband's job.)
Favorite Movies I watch the Charmed series like it is going out of style. Practical Magic and The Craft are also up there... But I don't have a certain favorite movie. I tend to stay away from anything with Jean Claude Van Damne, Sylvester Stallone, or their counter parts... nothing wrong with them, just not my style.
Favorite Music Everything from Handel and Vivaldi to Evanescence and Korn to Shania Twain and Celtic Women. Goo Goo Dolls will always be my v. fave though.
Favorite Books I love Rachel Morgan, Mercy Thompson, The Sweep Series (Teeny bopper, I know), A Song of Fire and Ice Series, Harry Potter, Twilight, and recipe books are becoming my new best friend.