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Occupation domestic engineer
Location Northern Virginia, Virginia
Introduction I'm a wife, a mom and a domestic engineer. That means I wear tons of different hats and hold envy-inspiring titles such as: Boo-Boo Kisser, Mum-Mum Manager, Kiddie Driver, Monster-Under-the-Bed Analyst, Play-Date Coordinator, Bad-Day Fixer, and CEO of the Davis Household. Basically, I work 24/7 but don't get paid for it. Well, not monetarily anyways. I do get paid in lots and lots of kiddie kisses and hugs, which I think more than makes up for it. I have three kiddos, which means I spend most of my days breaking up fights, cleaning up spilled beverages, driving back and forth to the bus stop, breaking up more fights, going to the grocery store (because apparently I have an army to feed) and I throw in some dish washing, vacuuming and laundry for good measure. If I have something tangible to show for at the end of the day - like a basket of clean clothes or a newly emptied dishwasher - well then it has been a good day!
Interests cooking, eating, making jewelry, crafts, eating (oh, did I already mention that?), pilates, yoga, Etsy