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Location India
Introduction Born and bought up in Uganda, East Africa, I migrated to India in my early teens.
For the first part of my career, I worked as a newspaper reporter, college lecturer, media relations specialist and an e-content writer.
My tryst with the Tarots began around twenty years ago when I had the experience of being introduced to the Tarots by a famous psychic and Tarot reader.
From the very start my experience with the cards has been wonderfully positive, empowering me and helping me connect with the most essential parts of myself.
I have recently put together the first ever Indian Deck of Tarot Cards and I hope that this book will be enjoyed by a wide spectrum of people all over the world
I also promote upcoming and contemporary art, bringing together different mediums, cultural hues and individual styles from across the globe.
So each of my paintings, from my collection of art , whether it be the Aboriginal Art from Australia, or the Tingas of Africa and the Aztecs of SA, have a story to tell and are a keepsake of my travels
Interests Why an Indian book of Tarots : As an avid collector of tarot decks, I have an interesting collection of tarot decks collected over the years, from all over the world. I have around fifty tarot decks, my most treasured ones being a Chinese tarot deck with the most amazing artwork, an Egyptian book of tarots, the rare Garuda cards from Indonesia and others such quaint decks.<br> On looking for an Indian deck of tarot cards, I could find only the Kama Sutra cards and the Osho cards which are undoubtedly beautiful, but essentially not Divination cards . <br> Considering that India has such a rich tradition of divination, I decided to put together an Indian book of tarots cards, using Indian images to represent the classic tarot prototypes.<br> There is a strong similarity between the early tenets of tarot and the Hindu belief in karma as a regenerative process of consciousness. It is this principle that form the archetypes of the tarot and are AN integral part of The Sacred Indian Tarot