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Introduction I am a vegetarian female and recently went to Florida with friends who were all non-vegetarian. We dined at many upscale restaurants however none of these restaurants had good vegetarian dishes. We spent hundreds of dollars on dining but I was stuck eating rice and beans. It would have been better to dine at restaurants that were less expensive with more vegetarian options, however since we were new to the area, we were unaware of the vegetarian friendly restaurants. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great to have a vegetarian travel guide that evaluates the normal everyday restaurant that caters to both non-vegetarians and vegetarians? I have created a guide that evaluates regular restaurants that cater to non-vegetarians and vegetarians in the greater Boston area. Some of these restaurants have many vegetarian dishes while other restaurants may have only a couple, but even one great dish at a restaurant can really make or break an evening. This is also a great site if you are a non-vegetarian and looking to plan a dinner for a vegetarian friend, relative or a date and trust me these relationships can actually work out great!