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Location Chicago, Illinois, United States
Introduction I discovered a couple of years ago that I love room escape games,I think someone sent me a link to the "viridian room" or one of those colored rooms...anywho that was the beginning of this madness for me,it can be very relaxing and fun,and there are times when it's maddening but as long as these games are around,I think I'll play them, by the way, I've been coming here for awhile now,I have posted a couple of times,but not enough to be known, thanks to all of you escape room geniuses for the help when I get stuck,wish I could submit more help but when I'm focusing I'm quiet,I'll try to pitch in more.
Interests Writing, cooking, painting, old movies, puzzles, laughing, biographies, anthropology, history, gambling, traveling, (not any certain order here)
Favorite Movies Treasure of the Sierre Madre, Run Lola Run, Pulp fiction, It's a mad mad mad world, The long trailer, Houseboat, The odd couple, Napoleon Dynomite, Monster, Rear window, Halloween, Whats eating Gilbert Grape, The Shawshank Redemption, The Color purple, Jack the bear, The Blues Brothers, The Gold Rush, Sounder, The pink panther, The Apartment, The Landlord, The Green mile, Signs, OMG dont get me started!!
Favorite Music Any
Favorite Books Stephen King, any sci-fi, suspense, The Secret life of Bees, The 5 people you meet in Heaven, Manchild in the promised land, Betty Crocker cookbook(its so old its falling apart)much more.

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

No, I honestly think the lazy part comes into play when you actually hit the button, if you hesitate, it seems your considering just getting up,or either your so sleepy your hands are in limbo for a sec.