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Occupation Retail by...well, sometime after noon, artist by night
Location Kokomo, IN, United States
Introduction Finding that my grandmother saved every modeling clay bird, every painted vase, every peice of art I ever gave her has inspired me to pursue my one true love...
Interests Crochet, jewlery making, drawing (though I'm pretty rusty) painting, papermaking, gardening, cooking, kirigami and temari...I'm still a beginer with both of these. Several of these I do together, i.e. obviously it's common to cook what you grow but I absolutely love the smell of tomato leaves in paper, it's kind of an clean earthy smell, sort of like laundry hung outside.
Favorite Movies Steel Magnolias, LOTR, Pride and Predjudice, The Proffesional, Fifth Element, Little Women...
Favorite Music I get stuck on an album and play it over and over again till I'm sick of it, then put it away for a few years...later, I'll pull it out and do it again, lol. I'll listen to anything once though :)
Favorite Books Wow, you don't have time for that. I don't watch tv, I prefer books. I'm partial to classics, but I'll admit to an addiction to horror as well :)

Try writing your name with your other hand. Where was that person raised?

same place as the other me, I'm dyslexic...and mostly ambidextrous