Andrea Badgley

About me

Gender Female
Occupation Mom, House Manager, Writer
Location Blacksburg, VA, United States
Introduction On my run I had an identity crisis because of my stupid bio page. Thinking, “Good God! Who am I? I don’t know who I am! What makes me think I can write a blog if I can’t even write my own freaking bio?” So I’ll just give you the basics. My name is Andrea. I was born and raised on the Georgia coast, swimming in tidal creeks, beaching it in my robin’s-egg-blue convertible VW beetle, wanting to save the world. I studied ecology in college (even though my favorite courses were literature courses) and I met my husband on a marine biology field course in Key Largo, FL. We’ve moved around the country our entire relationship, and after 15 years of relocating (from Georgia, to Maryland, to Florida, to Minnesota) we packed up the kids and headed back to the Motherland on what we hope will be our final move. We are settling down in Blacksburg, Virginia. I can’t wait to get grits in a restaurant again. I haven’t saved the world, and I have to admit that that’s not even a goal of mine anymore. I think I need to start a little smaller. Like with myself. Like accepting that I flit. I just want to be authentic, and be my best self, and teach our kids to do the same.