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Occupation Pet Sitting, Boarding, Training, Walking
Location Pompano Beach, FL, United States
Introduction I am Robin Comer of FT Lauderdale, FL. Currently I work as an independent freelancer as a pet sitter. This includes, home visit’s, home boarding and of course dog walking. As for my love of pets I am the proud owner of a Papillon named Cosette and a rescue cat named Charlize. At this time I am currently the Treasurer for the Toy Dog Club of South Florida. Cosette and I are participating members of the Therapy Dog Foundation as a dog/owner team. This includes visiting area assisted living homes with our Therapy Dog class. Over the years I have boarded and managed home visits both independently and through an agency. During this time I have experienced several breeds, large and small. Initially I volunteered to socialize friends pets at my home but within time I began getting requests on a professional basis to board dogs in my home for various lengths of time. Recently I have also been asked to work as a professional handler for potential show dogs and assisting in training to get puppies ready for the AKC show ring.
Interests Dogs, cats, various animals and pets. Interacting with people with similar interests. Sometimes fantasize about opening Noah's Ark on land. 2 Alpaca's named Starsky & Hutch, 2 Pot Belly pigs name Moulder and Scully, 2 Unicorns named Sammy and Dean (Winchester of course) What? There's no such thing as unicorns?
Favorite Movies Favorite 2 movies not made yet: Supernatural on the big screen-JarJen PadalAckles on Imax! 24 on the big screen. Keifer Sutherland
Favorite Music Snow Patrol, Young The Giant, Radiohead, U2, DMB, 90's grunge bands: Pearl Jam, Alice in chains etc.
Favorite Books Isaac Asimov Foundation Series, Isaac Asimov Robot Series