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Introduction My name is Samara. Here I am living in Los Angeles, which I never thought would happen when I was in my youth up in Seattle Washington. I live in a small house with my handsome husband and two kids, Gus (8) and Ada (11), whom have taught me a great amount. 6 years ago I needed to make a change and came to a crossroad. Do I open a bakery or do I open an art studio for families? I really like cake, but what I found to be the most exciting was teaching art to kids. I had been creating programs and teaching art at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena for about 9 years, but I wanted to be even more ambitious with projects and themes. I wanted a place of my own where people could come and make things with their children and where their children could find independence and confidence in creating. I wanted a space where happenings would take place and so I opened Purple Twig knowing absolutely nothing about business. I mean it! Nothing! So far so good!!