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Introduction I live on a farm and have done so for nearly my whole life. PA born, and very proud of that fact, I now live in VA with my family. I am the third oldest in a family of 6 children. 5 girls and 1 boy( I know he gets that reaction all the time). I am blessed far more than I deserve to have friends and family who've stood beside me through hard times. Who kept me standing when I was about to fall and encouraged me on when I was ready to give up. Anyone who knows me knows that I like to think. I've been told that I can sometimes think too much or even too deeply into things :P But none the less thinking is something I do often and I tend to like it ;) I also really appreciate corners. It's a wonderful place to be out of the way and a great vantage point for observing the goings on around you. These two things, in a way, are the inspiration and, you might even say, purpose, of this blog: to have a place to put some of the random thoughts I have and for you, the reader, to share your thoughts on my thoughts. I'm no scholar so feel free to point out to me any mistakes you may think need correcting :)
Interests My interests are about as wide and varied as my personality. I enjoy reading, playing sports, riding my horse, investing in my younger siblings, knitting, crafting, drawing, being creative in general, listening to and making music, my family, spending time with my wonderful friends, meeting new people, learning about any language, sunglasses, belt-buckles, HATS, coffee mugs <3, and waking each new morning to live another day by the side of my Redeemer and Best Friend!

Will what you do today affect the generations to come? How?