About me

Introduction hmmm...how do you describe yourself without leaving anything out? I'll give it a try. I'm 34 years old, married for 11 years, a former math teacher, mom to the sweetest little 5 year old girl alive, and the cutest boy/girl twins I could've ever imagined. I live in typical suburbia - sidewalks, young families with more money than they know what to do with, waving neighbors, the whole bit. I have a teeny tiny little microbusiness called razzberry designs that was born in 2006. Inspired by my love of art and all things funky & creative, my products focus on decor for children's rooms. Aqua is my favorite color...it makes me happy. I like to be happy. I could eat Cuban food every day and not tire of it. And, I love, love music - I can't imagine a world without it. I am a Grey's Anatomy addict who drools over Patrick Dempsey. I love to go running and a nice day at the beach makes me content. I'm a Christ follower with a renewed passion for living a life of faith. Life isn't always good, but God is!