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Introduction Hello, my name is Lyndel Daly I am a conscious life coach and I have created this blog with the goal of providing everyone one common place to discuss, learn, and further ones own wisdom, as well as the wisdom of others, with regards to various life coaching skills. I am basically giving away the lessons that the universe has given me during my life journey. This is also due to the fact that when one matures one acquires a certain amount of wisdom that one can impart to others in order to make their life journey a little smoother. The reality is that we normally acquire our biggest life skills when we are experiencing some trauma or other.( in the moment we do not know it but looking back we can see it.) Another reality is the fact that we were not taught these skills at school yet these are the skills that move us to a rewarding existence on this earth. As you indulge in this blog, consider the possibility that you have been lead to this page by something more powerful that you and the possibility exists that, that something you were looking for is embedded in this writing. My intent is to leave snippets of information here on a regular basis.