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Introduction Ralph Panhuyzen is convinced that the car industry will ultimately transform itself into a 'personal mobility' industry that will take the impact of car travel on our way of living and on the environment much more seriously. His ideas led to very specific design criteria regarding the 'Best of Both Worlds vehicle format' he had in mind. Dozens of meetings were held with regard to traffic, road pricing, vehicle regulations, materials use, suitable engines, vehicle dynamics, etc. to fine-tune the concept. His outspoken philosophy and 'vision-induced' vehicle concept have been officially registered as intellectual property. Panhuyzen lives in the Netherlands.
Interests In recent years, Panhuyzen has compiled a book on the future of the Port of Rotterdam and a report on scientific research regarding car mobility in the Netherlands. He has been contemplating alternative personal transportation for many years. As a former managing director of a major transportation logistics center, he is experienced in joint ventures between government and private enterprise. Which may be an advantage when it comes to developing the SEV to its full potential.