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Location Merced, California, United States
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Introduction We are a band from Merced, California. Just a local band staying local. No grand plans. Just want to play music for family, friends, and, perhaps, fans should we deserve any. We love what we do, that's what counts! :)
Band Members
Guitar: JT, also known as the Godless Sodomite, obsesses equally over his guitar sound and the drainage in his backyard; he likes spicy food and hot weather; he prefers not to pay for music or cable television and makes fabulous organic salsa.
Drums: JL still buys Counting Crows cd's; he is as likely to eat Fruity Pebbles for dinner as he is adult food; he boasts of champion ping pong skills while strapping his back brace on.
Bass: JD still fantasizes about having hair; he also claims some sort of line to Ulysses S. Grant; he is addicted to Peet's Irish Tea and English Premier League Soccer.
Vocals: CL often forgets her lyric sheets, forcing her to borrow from the drummer; she has pipes of gold from which flows thick honey; she is addicted to text messaging and tries not to think about pizza on a daily basis

You have a red jar of cedar chips. Why do moths miss the forest?

...because they fly around it?