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Location Small Town, Arkansas, United States
Introduction Everybody see's life differently! THIS is how I see Life through my camera lens. My handy dandy camera and I will tell my life story. I Love Pink! Polka*Dots make my world go round! I Crave Sushi&Great Company(both at once is my delight)! Laughter is music to my ears! I have stayed true to Rocky Road ice cream since I was a lil girl. I could listen to the Acoustic Guitar 24/7~365 days a year! I Love breaking out in song out of the blue especially when I'm cooking! I'm Obsessed with anything Vintage! I Dance when everyone is looking~especially my kids. Most Importantly~ I LOVE MY FAMILY~They truly do complete me:)
Interests Music, Anything Vintage, Art or Anything Artsy, Photography
Favorite Movies I crave comedies something to make me laugh. You can never laugh too much. Laughter is good for the soul!
Favorite Music My cd case will confuse you and this box is not big enough to name all the music I adore. ..though I do have some favs like Incubus, Dave Matthews Band, Tool, Eric Clapton, Red Hot Chili Peppers oh don't get me started:) LOVE music!
Favorite Books Anything inspiring that will make me sit back and think about life and make me self reflect I am in a constant state to crave to learn, to know how to become a better person.

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

Part lazy, part half asleep, part pissed cause I was just awakened from a dream I probably wanted to finish. I will slam the snooze button(which only last 10 min by the way). Try to force myself back to sleep and pick up where I left off. We all know this never happens so why do I try it again and again?