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Location Colorado
Introduction I'm a pretty boring person, but I have this ability to retain really random knowledge and that tends to at least make me entertaining. I love to read, used to write a lot and I used to draw as well. I went to college for an art degree and haven't done a darn thing with it. I'm a little bit odd and I swear I'm still a 10 year old girl at times. :D I can't seem to grow a plant to save my life! Only cacti can live under my care and even then its touch and go.
Interests reading, writing, drawing, animals, history, science fiction, fantasy, costuming.
Favorite Movies Jurassic Park, Gladiator, Moulin Rouge, Beauty and the Beast, LOTR, Harry Potter
Favorite Books Harry Potter, LOTR, Timeline, The Lost Symbol, The Ancient One, Phantom of the Opera, Never Ending Story, Chronicals of Narnia, The Thrawn Trilogy, Jurassic Park