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Gender Male
Introduction I'm an old guy, who's had some interesting opportunities (I think). It's often been suggested by family and friends that I create a blog, so that I can tell the world of my daily life and the sometimes pertinent things I say. Now I've made this "blog", and I'm not sure what I will say. I'm just going to "go with the flow", and see how long it lasts. I'll be posting "daily" comments from time to time, and, as far as I can tell at this time, anyone who bothers to visit this site can comment also. Try to keep things on a reasonable level, and don't put down anything you wouldn't want your mother to read. She might be doing just that, but with no comments at all, I'll soon lose interest, as I'll assume you have. And, I'm suddenly finding that I'm finally getting more visitors than before, and mostly, they're silent visitors, so I don't know who you are. BE ADVISED, WHOSOEVER SHALL READ MY WORDS,............... "I frequently do major editing after hitting the 'publish' button, so if you visit the same post a second time, you may see an entirely different message".
Interests Travel whenever possible, documenting with photographs, art (viewing), writing wittiwords, desert rain, mountain scenery, snow, winter sunlight, shadows, bicycle riding, (and sometimes etc.)
Favorite Movies Grumpy Old Men