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Occupation Queen Bee Kitty
Location Furrginia, United States
Introduction I'm the Queen Bee here and I've got two sisters that live inside with me, Mini and Boni. I am a beautemous black cat with a white bib and white on my chest and tummy, so I'm a beautemous gal in a tuxedo! Boni and Mini are Tuxedo kitties too, but they got lots more white on their tummies and on their faces. I got rescued from living outside all wild n stuff. Mommy says I'm an American shorthair, which is kinda weird cuz I thought I was a cat! I love my Mommy and Grandma cat tho and I like my sister Boni. I'm not sure about Mini tho cuz she's got a serious catitude.
Interests Being Queen of All I Survey, Napping, Crawling into Bags, Munchies, Hissing at my sister Mini, Rattly Mice, Crinkly Things, Hiding Under the Covers, My Catnip Scratcher, Exploring
Favorite Movies Alien - Cuz the kitty is smart and survives. Kitties rule!, Cool stuff on Animal Planet too.
Favorite Music I don't like music lots. Except when Mommy sings my song to me, bout being her sunshine.
Favorite Books Any that's good to sit on while Mommy or Grandma read.

Lionesses have no manes. How do they know when they've grown up?

What do manes got to do with growing up? I'm grown up now. I'm 5! And I don't have a mane. Silly question. A bean must have wrote it.