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Industry Arts
Occupation FrEeLaNcE PoEt, DrEaMeR & WoNdErEr
Location Location: CaLLiStO, Jupiter IV (JuPiTeR's MoOn), Illinois (IL), United States
Introduction Hello my fellow ArT LoVeRs & Beauty Seekers! My name is Aleksandra a.k.a. Wild Pearly~*. I am a poet, playwright, performer, theatre director, dreamer & multi-media artist in general (!) with a huge passion for everything unique, unusual,romantic, esoteric and exciting!...
Interests ART! CREATION! :D Theatre, Indie Movies, Photography, Poetry, making unique Jewelry, acessories & clothes, furniture painting, decorating & designing in general, Astrology, cooking; Peace (Anti-war, Anti-Government), Animal Rights & Eco Activism!, etc, etc... Universe~*Astronomy~*Astrology~*Arts~*Handcrafts~*Jewelry~*Gemstones & Crystals~* Nature & Animals~*Different Cultures/Anthropology~*Kaleidoscopes~*Castles~*Mountains~*Trees~*Mythology~*Herbs & Spices~* Meditation~* Candles~* different sources of Light~*Poetry~*beautiful Scents & Perfumes~*Aromatic Oils~*Secret Gardens~*Masks~*Mimicry~*Flying~*Levitation~*Philosophy*~History~* Lighthouses~* Martial Arts~* Puppetry~* Fractals~* Volcanos~* Methaphysics~* Numerology~*
Favorite Movies Conan the Barbarian, Bladerunner, LOTR, Lost in Translation, The Fearless Vampire Killers, the Hunger, Mad Max trilogy, Dracula, 28 days later, Thelma & Louise, Apocalyse now, Deer Hunter, Artificial Intelligence, Big Fish, Romper Stomper, Perdita Durango, The Tenant, Gangs of New York, Metropolis, the Name of the Rose, 2001 Space Odyssey, A Clockworck Orange, etc, etc... The majority of work by: David Lynch, Tim Burton, Jim Jarmusch, Johnny Depp, Stanley Kubrick, Robert Rodriguez, Russ Meyer, Peter Greenaway, P.P.Pazollini, Roman Polanski, Nicholas Roeg, Peter Jackson, George Romero, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Werner Hertzog, Vincent Price, M.M., V. Schlendorf, George Mellies, Sam Peckinpah, John Millius, F. Fellini, Sergei Paradjanov, A. Tarkovski ...
Favorite Music Pearl Jam/ Eddie Vedder~* Jack White~* The White Stripes~* The Raconteurs~* The Dead Weather~* Bauhaus/ Peter Murphy~* Joy Division~*the Doors/Jim Morrison~* John Lennon~* Jane's Addiction~* Johnny Cash~* Tom Waits~* Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds~* Beck~* The Cult~* Sonic Youth~* Nirvana~* Lou Reed~* The Cure~* Foo Fighters~* PJ Harvey~* Dead can dance~* Leonard Cohen~* The Beatles~*
Favorite Books Work by: William Blake, Andre Gide, Umberto Eco, J.R.R.Tolkin, Charles Baudelaire, Artur Rembo, Franz Kafka, H.G. Wells, D.H.Lawrence, Lord Byron, Edgar Allan Poe, Lotreamon, William Faulkner, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, Fernando Pessoa, Anton Pavlovich Checkov, T.S.Elliot, Julian Barnes, Guillaume Apollinaire, Antonio Tabucci, aldous Huxley, Dylan Thomas, Samuel Beckett, Eugen Ionesco, C. G. Jung, Schopenhauer, Wilhellm Reich, Friedrich Nietzche, Sylvia Plath, George Orwell, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, Danie Harms, Vladimir Mayakovsky, l William Carlos Williams, Lewis Carroll, Thomas Mann, Albert Camus, William Butler Yeats, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Maurice Maeterllinck, George Bernard Shaw, Luigi Pirandello, Anais Nin, Pascal, Jean Paule-Sartre, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Harold Pinter, Thornton Wilder, August Strindberg, H. Ibzene, Gertrude Stein, Dorothy Parker, Astrid Lindgern, etc...etc...