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Gender MALE
Occupation Used up, broken down, overweight, undereducated,..displaced piece of fishing equipment.
Location Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands, Gulf of Alaska, Wasilla, Alaska, United States
Introduction Born the son of a Fisherman, in Alaska on a dark, stormy, night. Raised off the system and away from civilized people. Learned from lone Wolves how to be a Free, Thinking, Individual. LIVE to Fish, Fish to LIVE.
Interests GOD, Jesus, Living, Crabbing, Fishing, Boats, Oceans, Science, Citizens Rights, Law, dirty politicians, telling the truth about DIRTY UNSUSTAINABLE draggers and the politicians who own them, motorcycles, fast macines, Thrash/Speed/Death Metal, Electromagnetic field conversion factors and the effects of manipulation of Electromotive Force from Dominant feilds (according to Order of Magnitude) regaring the resultant effects on Lesser Feilds, Flux Lines, Free Electron Travel, and Symbiotic Synthethyzation and resulting Resonance/Occiliation of Base Valance Shell Orbits.
Favorite Movies Fun with Dick and Jane, Total Recall, Horatio Hornblower. The Old Man and the Sea. Captain Ron.
Favorite Music Gospel, Reapentor!, Ozzy, Demon Hunter, Motorhead, Metal Church, Sepultura, Biohazard, Kid Rock, Rage Against the Machine, Johnie, Willy, Marley, Janis, Hank, Bo, Scruggs, Jonny Lang, Steve Earl, Mindy Smith, ANY-BODY that TRIES HARD, and gives it all they got.
Favorite Books AMPLIFIED Bible, Revalations, The Great Controversy, any and ALL Factual Science texts, Grainger, motor manuals. Encyclopedia Americana, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Slaughterhouse Five. All Factual references.

Where will YOU spend ETERNITY??... Energy cannot be Created or destroyed (as far as we can tell). YOU ARE a Magnetic Cluster of Mass gathered to YOUR ELECTROMAGNETIC CHARGE.