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Introduction Since I’ve started wondercurl.com I’ve gotten emails from great women thanking me for the tips you can find within these pages. Thank you for your great emails, please keep them coming. You are why I put this site together. There are tons of resources out there today that were lacking only a few years ago, my site mainly comes from the research I’ve done on the Internet as well as experimenting on my own hair and stories I’ve exchanged with other curlies. I’ve been asked if I would ever relax my hair again and I always answer with an emphatic NO! The relationship we have with our hair is a very personal one. Making any decision when it comes to hair should always come from the heart - whether if it’s a simple haircut or going natural - and not from societal pressures or from what you think other people might like. When you feel good about yourself everyone around you will feel it too. Going back to my ‘roots’, so to speak, has been the best decision I’ve made!
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