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Gender MALE
Industry Student
Occupation Learing
Introduction i've wanted to rewrite this for a while, but been at a loss. here it is. I am a philosophical guy. my mind thinks via step by step logic and mathematically. I have a degree in surfing, and am very computer savvy. I do like the term best friend. its more a circle. and various 'best friends' have had their space and time. i wrote a note just a second ago with what i was gonna talk about my friends. i thank them and the many others that i have spent time with. i spend a decent amount of time, so. more about me I am mechanical engineer. i work on my own, but im not an extreme i enjoy fixing things and learning how they work. i have really taken a liking the the stock market. i think that our generation has an amazing opportunity with this bear market... i have tons of ideas, inventions, and innovations in my head, i want to write books, movies, scripts, photography, etc etc... i want to create another business thats based off of my leadership model... im rambling. which i do. which is why its adequate to be in my profile... i also philosophically commentate on myself internally... which is odd that i am typing it out for you to see... but anyways...