The Mad Cyclist

About me

Gender MALE
Industry Sports or Recreation
Location Sacramento, CA
Interests cycling, photography, exercise physiology, beer, photographing cyclists, in the exercise physiology lab, while drinking beer, playing my guitar, navel lint, hiking, snowshoeing, word games, ear wax, philosophy, cartography, (just kidding), golf, art, macs
Favorite Movies good will hunting, american flyers, tombstone, bull durham, pulp fiction
Favorite Music my ipod has about 500 songs including:, country, folk, rock, jazz, vocal, alternative, classical, blues, r&b, world, and yes even one 80's song that is listed as hip-hop
Favorite Books atlas shrugged, into thin air, the great gatsby, the da vinci code, space, the lust lizzard of melancholy cove, it's not about the bike, organ grinders

If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?

if paste is flour plus water, what is cake?