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Introduction Caroline Cory is a futurist, a visionary and the founder of the OMnium Method of Learning and Healing. The OMnium Method is based on an experiential methodology that allows the spontaneous alignment of the physical cells and the human brain with the Universal-Source frequency. This method provides an instant and permanent cellular reprogramming to the original blueprint so that healing or learning may occur organically. Caroline currently teaches the OMnium Method of Learning and Healing - which is based purely on vibrational entrainment with Source frequency - through tele-classes, webinars and live events. Her experiential teaching method is unique and covers a variety of subjects that include: Mind Mastery, Spiritual Alignment and Connection to Source, DNA reconfiguration, various Zero Point alignment techniques, time suspension among other cutting edge techniques. She also conducts group healings through world webcasts reaching thousands of people in 92 countries around the globe who regularly report their deep cellular transformation and the spontaneous reversal of imbalances.
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Favorite Books The Divine Plan: 2012 and Beyond, The Visible and Invisible Worlds of God, God Among Us