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Introduction Im 45 years old. I was born an only child but have children now of my own and step children. I love family and animals and have a great sense of compassion for any suffering, be it human or animal. Sometimes I may even be TOO much compassionate. I suffer from depression and take medication for it. Honestly, I think too much! More to come later in my blogs. Read on if you please.
Interests psychology...what makes ones mind work and why. Who am I? Finding inner peace and keeping it in balance so I dont loose it again! I work with special needs adults and like to spend time at home making improvements on my house. My dogs and cats are very much part of my happiness.
Favorite Movies I really love all the Harry Potter books and movies. Magical thoughts fasinate me and always have. Lord of the Rings and Braveheart are a few movies in which I know almost all of the dialog. Sometimes I escape into movies when Im depressed or stressed out.
Favorite Music I love classic 70's rock and roll. I enjoy southern jazz and some blues. If Im in a mellow mood I listen to Carol King or Van Morrison. If I'm wound up and feeling energetic it's Jusas Preist and Metalica. My ALL time favorite is Pink Floyd. Im in love with Roger Waters!!lol You cant beat the Doobies though! Tina Turner is in there too. What a variety!
Favorite Books Anything about British royalty and Dark age novels with knights and kings and ladies in waiting. Sharon McCrumb is fantastic in her novels about small town life in the Western North Carolina/Tennessee mountains. Her mysteries are great!