About me

Location United Kingdom
Introduction I used to be quite fat. I lost a lot of weight (32kg - 70lbs) in 2006, with the help of keeping a food diary. Since then, I started going to the gym in early 2009 and changed my body composition more towards lean muscle mass being a higher proportion of it, took up triathlon in Spring 2010, started to cycle to work Summer 2010, the focus moved to staying fit and getting a bit leaner. Now I'm working towards a half then a full Ironman in 2012. I prefer to eat food that's prepared from scratch and/or is as close to its natural state as is practical. I cycle a lot and lift (as) heavy (as I can) in the gym. I've been featured in the Daily Mirror as a "dieting success story".
Interests Diet, nutrition, fitness, gym, cycling, running, weights, tea, IT, technology, photography, cameras, food, drink, tea, Sci-fi, music, weight training, tea, getting fitter, tea, cats, triathlon, cycle commuting