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Gender MALE
Occupation Student: ie. leeching of parents ;)
Location Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa
Introduction Cynical. Boisterous. Confused. Opinionated. Friendly. Loyal. Angry about the way the world works.
Interests Illustration, Gaming (in most forms), Film, Sequential narratives (Comics + Graphic novels, Roleplaying, Music....you know, stuff. You spell my name G E E K.
Favorite Movies Too many to mention but.... Dark City, Memento, Fear and Loathing, Willy wonka(gene Wilder), Pirates of the Carribean, Se7en, Fight Club ...you get the picture
Favorite Music Sigh... a lot. I don't like most pop or country. Except for Johnny Cash he was hard.
Favorite Books I'm a bit of a philistine most of the "classics" leave me cold. Give me pulp. Give me an exciting yarn. Gaiman, Pratchett, Cyber Punk, Sci-Fi, Fantasy...whatever.

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

These question are sooo Lame. How about this: If you could splice the genes of monkey's with those of banana's, would the Monkey's eat themselves?