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Occupation Student
Location Heaven, Fl, United States
Introduction Hello my Bonita friend!!! I' m really not good at talking about myself because I'm still trying to find her. But my name is Keme and I am in my early 20s. Proud Jamaican. I LOVE to write and I'm what my sister would like to call an "opinionated blabber mouth," so it only made sense that I created a blog. Being Bonita to me is about being pretty on a deeper level that just the exterior. The kind of person you are on the inside is what truly makes you beautiful. Life is about self improvement and learning to me. Currently, I am in college and will be graduating soon. The reason for my blog is to give my opinions on a plethora of topics including news and entertainment, giving hair and beauty tips, and also relationship advice, or talking about how hot Blair Underwood is; basically everything that goes on in my young mind. I have experienced and seen a lot in my short life and I would like to share my advice with others. If you don't have a bbf, I will be your bbf ( blog best friend). Maybe my topics will help someone that is going through something or open your eyes to something you didn't know about. Thanks again for taking the time out to come hang out with me in my world 
Interests Writing, Reading, Blogging, Learning, Life, Health, Dancing, Music, Anything fun
Favorite Movies Brown Sugar, Deliver Us From Eva, Set It Off, Slum Dog Millionaire, Two Can Play That Game, Soul Food The Series
Favorite Music Dancehall, Reggae, R&B, Slow Jamz, Real Hip Hop
Favorite Books Homeless Bird, Addicted, Total Eclipse of The Heart, After-burn, Letters To A Young Brother, The Giver, Jason and Kyra

You have a red jar of cedar chips. Why do moths miss the forest?

Because they are not able to blend in and camouflage themselves. Duh! :)