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Occupation Wife, Daughter, Photographer, Skivvies Creator, Avatar Extraordinaire
Location Moonray, Second Life
Introduction Hi there! I'm Miss Nevy and I'll be teaching you all about the wonderful things for this semester! Just a little about me: I'm married to wonderful man, Caleb Quinn-Bryant. I'm not your average SL pixelated lady. I have heart in the game because I invest so much time and energy, as well as emotions into everything I do and every person I meet. I enjoy the simple things in SL such as spending time with my family and friends, learning new things, meeting people, redecorating, shoooooping (can't get enough of it), and anything that makes me smile and laugh. I am so happy to be your teacher for this semester!
Interests teaching, creating, chatting, learning, loving, listening, snuggling with my babies and my husband, reading, baking, scrapbooking in any sense, hugging, family, friends, laughing, traveling, smiling, and there's just so much more.
Favorite Movies Toy Story 1, 2 and 3, LOTR, Harry Potter Series, any move with Steve Carell, Twilight Series, Bed of Roses... the list is endless.
Favorite Music I'm all about jammin' out to anything with a great beat. Except for that crappy music where all I hear is screaming.
Favorite Books Redeeming Love, HP Series, Lion, Witch, &Wardrobe...