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Introduction My name is Jean this is my little corner in the web. I love to read books but when I was little I don't have that much access to literature so I resolve to become a teacher so I could read all the books I know I'm missing out on. No I did not end up being a teacher, nor a literature major but I sometimes I still wish I were a teacher, or a librarian. My blog isn't just about book reviews either. I only blog whenever I have the time and it is about a variety of things that interests me. I enjoy reading a lot of blogs as well. P.S. I love the smell of books.
Interests good books, old literature, B&W movies, colonial houses, gothic architecture, ancient ruins, medieval castles, black and white movies, impressionist art, watercolors, the countryside idyll, moody photography, 50's fashion, makeup, pretty dresses, shoes, fireworks, arts and crafts