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Location Jerseyland!!
Introduction Complicated person really, bubbly on the outside, seething mass of contradictions on the inside. Think people don't treat others as nicely as they should so in that respect some would say that I'm a bit of a hippy. I get bored easily and make very poor life desicions but my life never lacks excitement! Also quite indecisive but I think this comes from a very peace and love standpoint of wanting to see everything from everyone elses point of view. This could get confusing.
Interests Music, singing and playing the guitar (not well but not too badly either), reading (I read A LOT)
Favorite Movies The Labyrinth, The Goonies, Dazed and Confused, Empire Records, Romeo and Juliet and many many more.
Favorite Music Everything from Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles to Robbie Williams to Jimmy Eat World, Letters to Cleo, Incubus, Korn.
Favorite Books Chocolat, Captain Correllis mandolin and so many more! Like I said, I like to read A LOT and I will read pretty much anything. Oh and to kill a mockingbird. Awesome.

The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

Drop it in red bull like you do for jaegerbombs. Boom!