Mrs C

About me

Occupation Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Friend
Location Dubai - land of sand, sun and surf, United Arab Emirates
Introduction Retired TV Producer turned wife, mom and expat trying to make the best out of what she has and live by her new mantra "Buy less, Wear more" while staying true to who she is. 5 things not many knows about her : All tough outside, soft inside; She turns to jigsaw puzzles and sudoku to destress; Music is a big part of her life; Loves to travel but hates the travelling; Sings shamelessly to her playlist, at the top of her lungs when driving alone!
Interests Fashion, Books, Culinary, Travel, Movies and Music
Favorite Movies Too many but the one that I can watch over and over is Someone Like You with Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackson
Favorite Music A bit of everything but I have always, always love R&B
Favorite Books Too many but the best ever is Angela's Ashes

How far can you go?