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Introduction Hi there! We here at the Honest Banker do not have PhDs in Economics like Ben Bernanke over at the US Federal Reserve. Nor do we have Harvard degrees like Governor Mark Carney of the Bank of Canada/Bank of England. We are not quants with math degrees. What we do have is practical education and honest experience. We contribute to the real world economy while trying to figure out how to survive and build value in our lives and our communities under the current economic model. This model has been dictated to us by economists and politicians using many of the same seriously failed economic models that gave us the financial collapse of 2007 and 2008. This is “economics for the rest of us” who live in the real world and are trying to figure out how to survive in it despite what the financial sector is doing to us.
Interests Economics and finance, the financialization of the economy, ZIRP and Zombies, employment, value, money, gift giving, Central Banks, quantative easing (also known as printing money), capitalism 2.0, community, Wall Street and the City.