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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Software Engineer
Location California, United States
Introduction I am a graduate of computer science and biology (molecular biology and biotechnology specialization) looking to get into the game development industry. I have been staff at Campaign Creations since 1998, and staff at Camelot Systems since 2001. In that time I've published the popular game modification programs MoPaQ 2000, MPQDraft, and ThunderGraft, and done a variety of game reverse-engineering projects. The last few years, I've taken up linguistics as a hobby, with special interest in Japanese, Latin, and Trique.
Interests Blizzard and Square games (esp. World of Warcraft), linguistics (esp. Japanese, Latin, and Trique), programming, reverse engineering, anime, game/movie/anime soundtracks, biology, biology, not doing homework
Favorite Music Beyond Rangoon, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy VI/VII/XII, Heavy Gear, King Arthur, Lord of the Rings, Love Hina, Madlax, Mai-HIME, Mai-Otome, Mega Man X, The Patriot, The Rock, Warcraft II, Yanni Live at the Acropolis

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