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Occupation Being weird
Location Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States
Introduction Nan spends most of her time with her face glued to her computer, and is allergic to telephones when not speaking to her dad or bff Jill. She lives on the outskirts of what was once the capital of Tennessee (for five days) and has since grown into a thriving and very confused metropolis. Yet, she loves her little ginormous town, and she also loves Tennessee, even if she really is the only one. She's been writing since first grade, when she won a trip to the local Young Author's Convention. Since then, no one has bothered to recognize her genius, but she keeps on trucking. Mostly, she's fairly normal, but she also enjoys musicals, so it's debatable.
Interests photography, arguing, being stupid, character chat, deviant art, diabolical plots, drawing, etc., general bad-influences, knitting, music, reading, shirking homework, staring into space, stuff, talking to my bff, thinking, writing
Favorite Movies RENT, Howl's Moving Castle, St. Trinian's, Constantine, Juno, Sweeney Todd, Music and Lyrics, and other fun things like that
Favorite Music Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, The Beatles, Death Cab For Cutie, The Fratellis, The Decemberists, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Three Days Grace, The Hush Sound, Cream, The Doors, Pink Floyd, etc.
Favorite Books A Separate Peace, Good Omens, Havemercy, Stupid And Contagious, Spindle's End, Hero and The Crown, The Blue Sword, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, The Ladies Of Grace Adieu and Other Tales, and other assorted books.

Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?

Because you get a bit of blood in your mouth when you lose a tooth and blood tastes metallic. Duh.