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Industry Fashion
Occupation Model
Location Saint Cloud, MN, United States
Introduction I love my new masters. I originally came from a home that had a nice big fenced-in yard, so I had lots of freedom to run in. But my former owners moved to an apartment, and then it didn't work for me to stay with them. They gave me to somethng called "The Humane Society", and I was in that prison for 2 days before my new master adopted me. This home is the GREATEST! I get to go one 4 and half mile walk every morning, and a shorter one later on in the day! I can tell they really love me and want to keep me. My master's wife is in a wheelchair, and I am going to be trained to be her Service Dog. They have done some training with me already, but being I am only 13 and a half years old in human years, I am kind of not cooperative all the time - so they don't train really regularly. But when I am done, I get to go to restaurants, shopping malls, church, etc. I won't have to be left home in my kennel whenever they leave! YAY!
Interests Rabbits, Squirrels, soft fuzzy toys, snow, digging, driving my masters NUTS
Favorite Movies Lassie Come Home, Benji, Beethoven, Dr. Doolittle -
Favorite Music Alvin and The Chipmunks, Who Let the Dogs Out -

What is my favorite thing to do?