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Introduction I grew up in the fallout of a radioactive chimney called Capper Pass in a village, Welton, on the outskirts of Hull, East Yorkshire. The environmental damage caused by toxic, carcinogenic and radioactive emissions was widespread. Delving into my subconscious life, I make music and visual artworks rooted in my childhood haunts and formative experiences as these colour everything. My album A Child’s Rumour and the accompanying films explore and mythologize these experiences and the landscapes close to my heart. A song can be a gorgeous artefact, the perfect vessel to contain an experience. I would like the viewer of my work to be drawn into the imagery and explore their own sensory response without deliberately guiding them to any foregone conclusion of my own, but opening them up to the tangibility of the inner worlds. My photographic work documenting performance and portraiture allows me to support others in their creative expression which is also important to me.
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