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Introduction My name is Eric Smith, I'm 39, and a native Texan. I have however spent 7 years in both California and Germany as an active duty US Army Infantryman, 2 years each in Hawaii and California for High School, and a year in New York after high school. I have lived all over Texas, in small towns like Stephenville, San Marcos, Clear Lake City, and was born in Midland while living in Odessa. Needles to say I moved around a lot, but will also be true to my small town Texan upbringing. My professional experience, aside from the Army, is mostly within information technology, where I have done all sorts of work at all levels, and enjoy technology and how it can improve all our lives. I do understand however how that same technology, if improperly used, can also be quite the hindrance. I am running for Congress as I simply see no other alternatives that are honestly out to ensure the 500,000+ voters in my district can live happy lives, with their rights intact, and without the government restricting them in their own homes.