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Industry Student
Occupation World Dominatrix
Location Antarctica
Introduction I am perishable, easily spoiled, and have a creamy smooth consistency. I am sold as an industrial solvent, but can be used as an aperitif as well. I snap back wash after wash and when you check your grocer's dairy section you can find me under "Fancy Shredded." I have many uses and can be shoved into your pocket. I slice, dice, and juillienne. I am built for comfort, not for speed. I will outlast the competition, bring home the bacon, AND fry it up in the pan. I am the beef, and the beef is here. I am pink, and frilly. I am just for the taste of it. I am a limited time offer. I am awake.
Interests small things that are alive, writing, myself, where they get the seeds for seedless grapes, spirituality, nailpolish, anything glittery, jalapenos
Favorite Movies Topper, Fight Club, 3.14...PI, First Blood
Favorite Music Hip Hop, World, Country, Drums, Bjork, Throwing Muses, CCR, and of course, Neil Young
Favorite Books Any Dictionary, also the phone book, "The Minds of Billy Milligan" by Daniel Keyes

What's the best time you've ever had licking stamps?

Stamps is married now, that was a different time for both of us.