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Occupation Writer
Location Netherlands
Introduction Born in Amsterdam, below seagulls that lingered in circles above the smelly canals, I kept myself alive by breathing on. Once upon a time I began to write. Later, publishing house the Bezige Bij published two of my books. A novel (De Blauwe Prins) and a collection of short stories (Alle Vogels Van De Wereld). It may well sound odd to you, but Dutch publishers happen to publish short stories as well. Actually they believe short stories are very hip. This is because we are a small but modern country. Anyway, some time ago I began to write stories in English and occasionally I could publish some of them. Stories appeared in Snow Monkey, Cadenza, Frigg Magazine, SLQ, Edifice Wrecked, Sleeping Fish, NOO, The Beat and in Dicey Brown. Stories are forthcoming in Inkstains and in Night Train. One of my shorter stories is nominated for a Pushcart Prize. This Blog is about English writing in the Netherlands. This Blog is about a woman who’s bored and married to a man who believes he’s a loser; it is about ghastly weather and lost souls and about the filth of Earth. Just the regular Dutch stuff. If you visit this Blog, take your shoes off first, because you are on holy virtual ground.
Interests Huge birds, funny skies, the chaotic thoughts of my roommate, old sad pictures, endless gray days...