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Gender Female
Location India
Introduction Hey I'm Katie skadoske First Thing... I Am NOT Fake. Gosh I Hate It When People Fake To Be Me It Just Annoys Me So Much. If you find a bebo where people are using my pictures for any reason, comment me immediatley. I will confront them and they will delete there account. OR You Can Just Report Abuse For Spamming. That Would Be Nice... I have the best friend ever Cassie. Cassie you rock my multicolored socks off (Lmao). Wether we're at the beach or we're just making a funny video for my youtube, we're always having fun! And that's what best friends do don't they? X I LOVE MY JAKOV MY JACKOV LOVES ME!!=D End of story. DON'T try and flirt with me. I will just block you. I am up for talking but not with somebody who wants to split me and my boyfriend up. Jakov is my life. He's funny, cute, and loving and i wanna be with him all the time. He's completely supportive about my modelling, and doesn't get jealous when another boy says i am pretty
Favorite Music emo love i belong to you, a song in my head, emo, birds in my ears and a devil on my shoulder, punk rock, hardcore, rock, rap