About me

Gender Male
Occupation History Related/Fast Food/ General Corporate Bitch
Location Baltimore, United States
Introduction I am waging a ceaseless Jihad against religious stupidity, government idiocy, and corporate malfeasance,as directed by my best buddy Jesus. For I am the Chosen One, ordained by fate to strike down the forces of stupidity and bring about a new golden age of enlightment. When I take a break from that I enjoy reading, particularly about history and current events and watching the Simpsons, Family Guy, ATHF, and all the good shit the history channel has been showing lately.
Favorite Movies Office Space, Fight Club, Transporter
Favorite Music Godsmack, Bad Religion, Robb Zombie, Quarshi, London Bridge, Pussy Cat Dolls, Three Days Grace, Ceca, Beastie Boys
Favorite Books Finding George Orwell in Burma, The New Class, Syrup, No Logo, Culture Jam, My War Gone By, Fast Food Nation, Reefer Madness